Moody Tablecloth, Hand-made in Italy, has Pockets for Organizing Small Spaces

Christmas table runner, designed by Zo_loft, has pockets for organizing small spaces image

Image: Zo_loft Pop Hand-made, on Flickr

Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift, or the perfect ambiance for your Christmas party, Zo_loft has a tablecloth or table runner to meet the need. What makes a Zo_loft tablecloth so unique? The pockets! Each tablecloth or runner has pockets for organizing in small spaces. You can use the pocket for table settings like napkins and silverware. Or guests can use the pockets to store their cell phone and keys for a more comfortable seat at the table.

Moody denim tablecloth by Zo_loft has pockets to help organize small spaces, and zip-in extensions for when the guest list grows image

Image: Zo_loft Pop Hand-made, on Flickr

Zo_loft currently has "Granny", "Moody", and "Morisse" models available. The Morisse runner comes in three patterns: '50s edition, Marylin special, and the Christmas edition (shown at top). Granny comes in a solid, bold red.

The advantages of the "Moody" model are described on the Zo_loft blog: made of denim, this tablecloth should last, and zip-in extenders can be added so the tablecloth grows with your table. The pockets in "Moody" resemble jeans' pockets, including belt loops as a decorative touch -- or a place to hang your keys!

Zo_loft is working on an e-shop, but for now, you can buy a pocket tablecloth, 100% hand-made in Italy, by emailing the folks at Zo_loft.

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