Molo's Heartfelt Lantern Supports Architecture For Humanity In Japan

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Molo Studio has been a fixture on TreeHugger since we started; the Vancouver based team continues to turn out products that "grow from [Stephanie] Forsythe and [Todd] MacAllen's architectural explorations." One of the most recent was the Hobo Lantern, a "portable luminary" with an LED "glowing through its delicate pattern of translucent fibres.

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The bags can be plugged in, or can run on 8 AA batteries. (They are also available in a more practical, if less glowing, felt.) Molo is exhibiting in Milan in April, and has modified a series of the bags in response to the earthquake in Japan; they will be available for purchase online starting on the 12th for $150.

We are currently making 50 special limited edition versions of this luminary with the Japanese "sun-disc" hand painted on the lantern and its packaging. The full proceeds of our heartfelt lantern for Japan will be donated to support Architecture for Humanity's reconstruction efforts in Japan. These special lanterns will be available at molo's exhibit in Milan at the Temporary Museum for New Design.

Available here at Molo
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