Mobile Living: Furniture Folds out Of Shipping Crates

Look outside any university dorm at the end of a school year and you learn that it is cheaper to abandon IKEA style flatpack furniture than it is to hire movers. People are more mobile, but their furniture is not. Naihan Li addresses this concern with Crates, a line of transformer furniture that folds out of what appear to be shipping crates.

They are not simple crates, but in fact become everything from sofas to kitchens to entertainment centers. Coolhunting explains:

Naihan Li is one of those frustrated Architects who quit the “profession” to focus on something else. Her new path in life as a furniture designer began after moving into an empty loft-space at 798 and realizing that she needed to furnish the space herself. Of course with very little resources… and a handful of wooden packing crates available at her disposal, she set out to start building these wonderful pieces herself.

She has everything including the kitchen sink.

Many of the pieces look a bit complex, designed to unfold quickly. So a bedroom might serve another function during the day as the bed gets boxed and rolled away. The crates don't look particularly light, and are certainly not as minimalist as some similar designs we have shown, but they look solid and durable. More images at Inhabitat; not much to see at Naihan Li's site.

Mobile Living: Furniture Folds out Of Shipping Crates
Designer Naihan Li creates transformer furniture that's ready to roll

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