Mix LED Reading Light from Luceplan

Milan based engineer Alberto Meda and architect Paolo Rizzatto took a new approach to the design of LED fixtures. "We tried to change the distribution of the components, as in urban planning. In the end we had a circuit that looked like a garden city" The new arrangement allows fro an ultra-slim head that houses the LED's, a control lens, a heat sink and a rotating filter that regulates colour temperature. When it is off, it softly glows with a blue light.

Luceplan calls it "A sophisticated reading lamp with a lightweight frame that uses the new LED Chip on Board technology. A series of multicolor diodes produce an intense, warm and pleasing lighting with very low consumption (only 5W) and an average duration of some 50,000 hours (against 2,000 hours of a normal halogen bulb)." ::Architectural Record (not yet online) and ::Luceplan

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