Minimalist Design Makes a Full Bedroom Under the Stairs

thiemo hildebrandt stairs space designThiemo Hildebrandt/Screen capture

For those looking to reduce their impact on the planet, taking up less space is a great start. For many city dwellers, it's less of a choice than a necessity. This simple design makes use of the usually neglected space under a staircase, cleverly installing a bed and a desk slash table to make it both a bedroom and a place to hang out.

"Ascending Retreat" is the work of Thiemo Hildebrandt, a recent graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven. Hildebrandt says he is interested in "spaces that are neither directly visible nor palpable."

The design is a terrific example of how space can be maximized with multiple functions. The desk and the table are one and the same; the chair is the headboard (though it doesn't look very comfortable). The stairs and the landing to which they lead provide extra seating.

The downside is that few apartments have staircases, but it would be a great way to add an extra bedroom to a loft. Check out a video tour:

Ascending Retreat from Thiemo Hildebrandt on Vimeo.

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Minimalist Design Makes a Full Bedroom Under the Stairs
A simple design uses a bed and a desk to make the space under the stairs into a bedroom and place to hang out.

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