Minimalist Bamboo Workstation Is Like An Extruded Squiggle

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Images credit Miso Soup Design
Miso Soup Design has designed the K Workstation out of laminated bamboo plywood, "creating efficient space managing working space." I like the way that it seems to be extruded from a single line into three dimensions.

In fact it is built up from a number of pieces. The designers write:

The folding curved shape creates shelving and desk space within one working unit. K Workstation could be manufactured each segments for easy fabrication process and transportation, yet it could be configured with multiple possibilities. The bamboo, rapidly renewable material, brings this working units sustainability and elegance of curvature.


The designers, based in Tokyo, Barcelona and New York, describe their work:

They dedicate their practice on researching material property, systematic strategy, and re-evaluate functionality. Both being USGBC LEED accredited professionals, they are aware of the direct connection between environment and limited resource, and the concept of their design constantly incorporates new ideas with minimal wasted material. With the aid of digital technology, they began to apply the systematic way of thinking in furniture design, and discover the surprising moment when form meets function.

More at Miso Soup Design, spotted on Blue Ant Studio

Miso Soup apparently worked on the amazing FabLab, covered in Digital Design Goes Solar With FabLab at Solar Decathlon Europe

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Minimalist Bamboo Workstation Is Like An Extruded Squiggle

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