Milo Tables Are Made from Wood Waste, and Aren't Afraid to Show It

Furniture maker Tristan Titeux was always perturbed by the wood that his company, CustomCarpentry, purchased but never put to use. To remedy the problem, he began the ReCutâ„¢ series- a line of furniture made from recycled waste cut off wood as well as material salvaged from people's unwanted furniture.

The first item in the series is the Milo table (named for Titeux's youngest son), a square bedside or coffee table that is made from pieces of wood too small to be used in other pieces. The Milo flaunts the fact that it's made from assorted parts- the wood pieces don't line up perfectly the colors are random.

The top and sides are smoothed with a plant-based glaze; the bottom is left unfinished. As the materials used are dictated by availability at the moment, each unit is unique, though they do not vary tremendously.

Titeux is passionate about the importance of considering where products come from, and the impact of their production on the planet and its inhabitants:

Think of what chemicals where used to produce it and how that might affect the environment...Then think of the farmer and the chemicals he might be breathing in, or the neighbours and passers by bordering the fields.

He makes an important point, and backs it up with a nice product.

Milo Tables Are Made from Wood Waste, and Aren't Afraid to Show It
The "Milo" table is the first in a line of furniture made from discarded wood.

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