Milan Furniture Fair 2010: Bike-Powered Lamp by Gionata Gatto

Bike Lamp by Gionata Gatto

Photo copyright Sergio Carratalá

One of our favourite places at this year's Milan furniture fair was definitely the Gallery Rossana Orlandi, a truly magical place. It is there, alongside FormaFantsama, that we discovered the Bike Lamp by Gionata Gatto, an Italian designer who based his studio Atuppertu in the Netherlands. The Lamps are so fresh from the production line, we are not even sure the big one is called the Bike Lamp, and not even the designer himself had a chance to publish it on his web site yet. Also check out the human powered table lamp!Both lamps are LED powered and made from certified wood. Gionata explained that you need to crank the lamp or cycle for about 4 minutes to receive 30 minutes of light. The Bike Lamp would definitely be the centre of attention in your living room but we like its natural materials and aesthetics. Now you can stay fit even if you are a bookworm, and read without being connected to the grid. If you like Gionata Gatto's work, also check out UrbanBuds, the mobile garden that was also present at Rossana Orlandi's and other places around Milan during the furniture fair. ::Atuppertu
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