Milan Festival Of Light Includes Hanging LED Laundry

novembre led festival of light photo
Image Credit Marta Ascani

According to Tourism Milan, the city was the first in Europe to install electric lighting and an electric tram system. They claim that "it was a revolution, a mega event destined to change habits and lifestyles. In virtue of these important novelties Milan could count itself one of the most avant-garde European cities."

Now they are at the forefront of another lighting revolution, doing a Festival of Light with 60 different displays, including work by Karim Rashid and Gilbert Moity, Matteo Thun and Fabio Novembre. The coolest has to be Novembre's "Ieri, Oggi, Domani" (yesterday, today and tomorrow), an LED version of the laundry that used to hang across the streets, possibly seen in the Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni vehicle of the same name.

novembre led festival of light photo
Image Credit Marta Ascani

which has better (copyrighted) pictures, writes:

LEDs recreate the forms of clothes hanging on clotheslines, illuminating the street. A highly technical reproduction of a centuries-old practice, the work converses with the dialogue between tradition and modernity. Novembre likens the hanging forms to 'flags of a new italy, made of fashion, style, and the joy of life.'

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