Micro-apartments may be small, but rents are not. - Businessweek

Micro ApartmentCity of New York/Public Domain

Venessa Wong at Bloomberg Businessweek looks into the design tricks of the micro-apartment trend:

Tight quarters demand ingenuity and compromise. Think of the Japanese futon or the under-the-counter refrigerator, a feature of European apartments. The Murphy bed gets a sleek makeover in a mock-up of a micro-apartment on exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York. The 325-square-foot space, designed by New York architect Amie Gross, also features a table on wheels that can be tucked under a kitchen counter and a flat-screen TV that slides along a rail attached to built-in shelves. Visual tricks such as high ceilings and varied floor materials make the space feel roomier.

Her bottom line:

The bottom line: Developers of micro-apartments are targeting urban professionals living alone. Quarters may be small, but rents are not.

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