Metrolight: Watt A Good Idea For Retail Chains, Cities and Highways

What does Finland’s Highway #1, New York City and IKEA have in common? Metrolight- an Israeli company that manufacturers electronic ballasts for decreasing lighting costs (and reducing electricity needs) without compromising lighting needs. We saw their company presentation at Israel’s Alternative and Renewable Energy Conference earlier this month and lit up when we heard the company recently signed a contract to refit several hundred US supermarket "Publix" stores; and with the City of New York to reduce the electricity bill of streetlamps. The company says its microprocessor based electronic ballasts can transform the way architectural and commercial lighting fixtures are powered, radically improving life cycle light stability, and enabling full range dimming as a built-in option. Time to tell your city councillors and major retail stores to start thinking in the (Metro) light direction. ::Metrolight

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