Mebel Furniture's Commitment to Roots


Mebel Furniture takes great pride in its roots, both historical and genealogical. Architect Jasek Ostoya and craftsman Peter Brayshaw (who is married to Ostoya's sister) teamed up in 2002 to start the company; Brayshaw and his brother had a millworking shop in a family-owned building in their Connecticut home town, and San Francisco-based Ostoya had always wanted to design furniture. The result is a collection of furniture that reflects all of these things; the bi-coastal design influences foster a fusion of clean-lined modernity and a sturdy, organic feel lent by the solid wood Mebel uses for all of its furniture. The wood, like the maple used in the Lublin Lee Table (pictured), is FSC-certified, so that historical and genealogical roots aren't the only things that are preserved. ::Mebel Furniture available at ::2modern