Manodo's Screen Is The Big Brother Of Energy Saving

In the hallways of 15 apartments at a complex in the city of Gothenburg is the ultimate smart-home gadget (fancier and smarter than Joule's Home) from Swedish start-up Manodo - it's a screen that tells you everything you want to know about your consumption, plus a few stats you maybe didn't want to see - like how many pounds of CO2 emissions that long, hot bath you just took is worth.

The pilot Manodo project in a handful of Swedish cities gives apartment dwellers lots of other information, including how long before the next tram will pass by their nearest stop, what the weather's expected to be, and a bird's eye view of who's outside ringing their doorbell. It might seem a little too Big Brother for some - I prefer the Danish Flower Pod approach - but one of the test dwellers told Metro he's gotten much better about turning off the lights, the TV and the stereo in the hopes to see the green smiley face that denotes comparatively low energy consumption. Via

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