Make/Shift Shelving

Make/shift shelving is for the tenant: Peter Marigold designed it for tenants and apartment dwellers needing storage but unable to attach anything to walls. It looks good, and is stylishly decorative, as well as being utilitarian; as opposed to some of those ugly ones that we all have used in our past (and present). Inspired by the humble recycled wooden crate, the units expand and contract and can even be used as boxes to move house. They can be wedged into any width of alcove, depending on how far the wedge-shaped units are pushed in. The original design was wood, but now they are being made of a relatively eco-material: a polypropylene that can be broken down and reused. Marigold is interested in simplicity, and making beautiful objects inexpensively. Another of his pieces, Prop, consists of a crate wedged into a corner, halfway up a wall, supported only by a pole at an angle, resting on a sick of rice. He's hot--his name was just mentioned in this month's Wallpaper so watch for him. :: Peter Marigold Via :: Design Museum

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