Make Your Own Minimalist Laptop Case



When I get my shiny new laptop I am going to put it in one of these- a homemade laptop sleeve from the greatest invention of the twentieth century, duct tape. I mean, computers and airplanes are important but if you can't hold them together, what good are they? Over at instructibles, zoundspandang shows us how, saying "I got tired of looking at the scratches and dents my MacBook suffered every time i tried to take it somewhere without throwing it in my rather large backpack. I needed something slim yet good looking. Something rugged yet inexpensive. I turned to my two best friends cardboard and duct tape! In this instructable I'll show you exactly how to make one of your own." He finished it with smart racing stripes. A neat project that even I can probably do without cutting myself. ::Instructables via ::Lifehacker