Eating off the floor: Modern Paris apartment's floor becomes the dining table

Camille Gharbi
© Camille Gharbi

We're admittedly fond of interior spaces that attempt to bring in a bit of nature inside. While it may be a bit clichéd, the tree planted inside is one of the oft-used natural elements of this kind. This modern apartment in Paris' twentieth arrondissement has what looks like a faux-tree, but it does have a striking design where the living room floor becomes the kitchen's cantilevered dining table.

Designed by Parisian design firm Hardel + Lebihan Architects, the home has a clean, minimalist feel, with an open concept plan on the ground level that's emphasized by this clever twist of melding the floor plane with that of a dining surface. Judging by the high chair, there's a toddler or infant around, and we're curious how the residents make sure the baby doesn't crawl off the table. On the other hand, Junior will probably be an excellent diver when s/he grows up.

There weren't many interior images of this intriguing, but rather large 2,690-square-foot private residence, but that open, blended living room and kitchen might give some people who are thinking about designing their own small or tiny homes some ideas. More over at Hardel + Lebihan Architects.

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