Macy's Lighting Retrofit Will Trim Electricity Bill by 73%

macy's largest store photo

Photo by M. Janiki via Flickr Creative Commons

Macy's stores around the country are about to get a lighting makeover that will curb the company's energy consumption by a huge amount. Retrofitting over 117,000 43-watt halogen-based bulbs used for accent lighting in 86 department stores with 17-watt LED bulbs from Philips -- custom designed for the stores, of course -- will help Macy's trim their electricity use by a whopping 73%.
According to Environmental Leader, the custom-designed Philips EnduraLED PAR38 SP15 lamps (say that three times fast) are rated for a 45,000 hour lifespan. That means they'll last practically forever and their energy efficiency will show Macy's a return on investment before the end of the first year. That is definitely impressive.

Also impressive is the fact that Macy's switch in light bulb preference will make it the first department store to use LEDs on a wide scale. But of course it isn't the first major chain of retailers to do so. Starbucks has earned green props through its initiative to switch 8,000 of its shops to LED lighting to help curb its carbon footprint. As manufacturers get better at crafting a warm tone for LED bulbs, its likely most businesses will find the long-lasting, energy sipping bulbs a perfect alternative.

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