LZF Lamps, A Charming Visit To Their Factory

LZF lamps valencia design week photo

For the second year around I have been invited to FEED (the international design media and blogger meeting) by the organisers of the Valencia Design Week. It kicked of yesterday with a rather warm welcoming; a picnic-dinner in the lush garden of the factory of LZF or Luzifer Lamps as it is pronounced. LZF is a family-run business which it seems likes to share things; their passion for wood, good design, crafts and art, nature and good food! Yesterday's visit brought us all a little bit closer to each other and surprised us with the details and attention that goes into each lamp and everything around them.

Pleg by LZF lamps in valencia photo

As we approached the converted wine factory through a field we arrived through the trees from which the beautiful lamps shone at their best: DROP the new addition to the catalogue and Anfora in all different sizes. All LZF's lamps are hand-made from certified wood veneer in Valencia (not made in China). During the visit to the factory we were shown the secrets to each lamp and the different steps to making them. I particularly like the new wall lamp they present this week, PLEG by designers Yonoh. One simple gesture, that of folding, makes this lamp which comes in 8 different natural wood veneer finishes.

Light is LZF's nature and nature is what they are passionate about. If you are not in Valencia this week to meet the lovely family personally at one of their amazing paella-garden-parties, check out the video below.

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