A long brick house built around books

Long library wall
© Levente Sirokai via Mocoloco

Who says books are dead? Not the clients of Foldes Architects, who built what is straightforwardly called the Long Brick House in Pilisborosjeno, Hungary. It is really a temple to books. The architect is quoted in Mocoloco:

Taking into consideration the narrow and long shape of the building site, the way of the sun and the low budget programme, also the age of the couple who are to be retired soon, we advised them to realize a straightforward base plan, where the spaces are linked with a long corridor and public spaces face the panoramic view of the valley. At the same time, to avoid creating under-utilized space we discovered the great potential of the corridor concept. We turned this horizontal axis into a highly beneficial and unique element of the house, a 17 meter (55') long wall of library.

It's what I would call a dumb home, using simple tech to moderate temperature, using thick walls to celebrate thermal mass. The architect notes:

It was our general aim to assure the proper inner climate with architectural means rather than constructing huge machinery. The house has a 50 cm (20") thick brick wall, meeting the heating technological standards and giving sufficient thermal inertia. The ceiling slab is made of wood and the empty, well ventilated attic behaves as a buffer zone optimising the inner climate.

Windows, seating and a fireplace are all integrated into the long wall of books. Harry at Mocoloco says that the 1475 square foot house is "built on a budget" but doesn't say how big.

A long brick house built around books
It's a good demonstration of how you don't need a lot of smart high tech to build a comfortable house.

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