Living Wall Is A Map of Central Park

central park living wall photo

Images credit Parker Urban Greenscapes

Don't know how I missed this the first time around. In 2009, LTL Architects designed offices for the The Open Planning Project (TOPP) in New York. The highlight is an 84' long walnut bookshelf that is a map of Manhattan from the southern tip to the top of Central Park. The park itself is a living wall, complete with lakes.


The architect describes the project:

The main floor is organized around a continuous 84 ft. long walnut bookshelf designed to precisely match the map of Manhattan. Each edge of the bookshelf denotes a street, with Central Park transformed into a living green wall. Precise attention was paid toward the size and intersection of streets, with smaller parks identified throughout. The main open office space lies directly adjacent to the map-wall, providing ample seating for 60 individuals on continuous custom bamboo desks.

We at TreeHugger are huge fans of the work of TOPP, a non-profit focused on open government and better transportation; see more pictures of their very cool offices in the LTL portfolio under office category.
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