Lime Wash: A New Addition to TreeHugger Wallcoverings


TreeHugger has seen lots of wallcoverings options, from paint to stucco interior wall finish, fabrics made of cork and organic wool, to wallpaper and clay plaster. We're pleased to add a new one to the TreeHugger wallcovering family today: lime wash. Courtesy of our friends at, but not part of our collaboration on the Green List, a quick look at lime wash proves that its not only beautiful and versatile, but TreeHugger green as well. Lime wash is made by dissolving slaked lime (or calcium hydroxide) in water, and has very low VOC (volatile organic compound) content. When mixed with pigment and then dried, calcite crystals that absorb the color are created by a chemical reaction; the final product looks slightly aged, with a slight glimmer as the crystals reflect light. You can still mix it by hand, though its available pre-mixed for anyone not interested in DIY chemistry. The folks at domino recommend six hours' drying time in between coats, and that a brush (and not rollers) be used to apply the stuff; after you're done, water is all you need to wash the brush. Beware that most walls need priming, and the project takes planning; you shouldn't start unless you can do an entire wall without stopping. Hit up for more details on where to get what you need to splash some color and character on your walls with lime wash. How To