Light Sleeper — It Design's Cardboard Bed


Since you all loved the idea of Mothercare’s cardboard cot so much (arrrgghhh who’d let their child sleep in something made out of cardboard!) I wonder what you’ll think of this? A bed base made from cardboard eh? Well we certainly like It Design’s concept, it uses a sustainable, lightweight and cheap material, which for the urban nomad is easily transportable. From the photos it looks great; simple and easy to assemble, but I wonder how sturdy it really is? They have photos of kids are playing on it, and even people doing yoga on it! But still you might not want to put it under too much strain. The Itbed is made from 7mm thick cardboard and is stabilized from head to foot with by two lengths of webbing. It comes in several widths from 90 to 160cm and in two versions one for a futon, ideal as a guest bed, and one for a regular mattress. It is a label from Switzerland that has 'designed and produced compact and flexible furniture for young and mobile urbanites since 1997. The label has been created by the two architects Valérie Jomini and Stanislas Zimmermann.' Check out other their other minimal lightweight designs and mobile inflatable showroom! Thanks to tippster Zerlina ::It Design.