Light Blubs by Pieke Bergmans

Put down that red pencil, editor Meg, that is not a typo. Dutch designer Pieke Bergmans puts LEDs into hand blown crystal light blubs, shown in Milan this month. She says:

"You may wonder: What is a light blub?? The answer is simple: it is a light bulb that has gone way out of line. Infected by the dreaded Design Virus, these Blubs have taken on all kinds of forms and sizes you wouldn’t expect from such well behaving and reliable little products."

Dezeen Reports that "The Light Blubs are a series of crystal lamps, designed by Pieke Bergmans, in cooperation with Royal Crystal Leerdam. The lamps are all unique handcrafted crystal pieces, equipped with leds by Solid Lighting Design.

The focus of Pieke Bergmans latest projects lies on creating products which are all slightly different, though they were made in a set process. The term ‘Perfect Imperfection’ illustrates the qualities that such a product can attain."


Through being slightly deformed and different, products become unique pieces and gather a very personal and natural character. The Light Blub is one of quite a wide range of products that are based on this conceptual principle, released this year.

Light Blubs
Series of led lamps
Color: white
Edition: 18 unique pieces
Dimensions: 20-70 x 10-45 cm
Material: Royal Leerdam Crystal
Lights: 24V Osram Power Leds, 7,5 – 15W
Gallery Design Virus
Via Tortona 12 / Milan

More at ::Dezeen


Light Blubs by Pieke Bergmans
"You may wonder: What is a light blub?? The answer is simple: it is a light bulb

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