LIFE Organic Wool Upholstery

Designtex have have received vast amount of media coverage for their Climatex-Lifeguard. A wool-ramie upholstery fabric developed by William McDonough and Michael Braungart of Cradle to Cradle fame. Now comes LIFE Textiles by Instyle. It's a certified Australian grown organic wool textile suited to upholstery and wall panelling. (Maybe some of the wool is from New Zealand too?) It is claimed that the natural fabric can improve indoor air quality, compared to synthetics, because they "have the ability to absorb sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde (and not re-emit)". No heavy metal dyestuffs are used and the cloth is said to be readily biodegradable, at the end of its useful life. LIFE is an acronym for 'Low Impact for the Environment'. Seven colourways and available in Australia, NZ, Asia and USA. We like the humanised marketing effort too. Via EcoSpecifier. More at ::Instyle