Legaré Furniture: Tool-Free, Easy on Trees

Legaré Furniture thinks that they've crafted the next evolution in home and small office furniture, and they just might be right. They've created a line of home and office furniture that's reversible, modular, requires no tools to assemble, and uses FSC-certified Baltic Birch hardwoods. Reminiscent of Material Furniture's Knock-Down, Drag-Out numbers, their collection can be assembled and re-assembled without using hardware, tools or adhesives; in it's broken-down state, it occupies minimal space for ease of moving and shipping. Legaré has taken care to design efficiently, as well; according to Howard Klion, their marketing main man, "Originally designed to utilize 99% of the raw materials, there is virtually no waste in the production of Legare's asymmetric desk or media systems." All Legaré furniture comes in natural (shown) and espresso finishes, and is available for purchase at their website. ::Legaré Furniture