LED Replacement for Fluorescent Fixtures

We often poo-poo the mercury in a compact fluorescent, saying that the advantages outweigh the problem, but in traditional four foot tube fluorescents there is a lot of mercury, much more than in a CFL, and they are harder to dispose of as they are so big and fragile. Here is the first replacement tube we have seen that gets rid of the mercury, lead, fragile glass and phosphors in a tube with a ten year life and a twenty percent power saving.
The EverLED TR's amazing patent-pending driver technology is compatible with all standard fluorescent ballasts, eliminating the need for costly replacement of obsolete systems. Upgrading your failure prone, environmentally hazardous fluorescent lighting system to solid state, LED technology is now as easy as replacing the bulb!
One small problem that will delay implementation: it's 149 bucks. But that will change....::EverLED via ::LEED Pro
* No toxic mercury (Hg)
* No toxic lead (Pb)
* No toxic phosphor powders
* No fragile glass
* No "burn out" failure
* Cold temperature compatible
* 10 year life (typical)
* Flicker Free
* T8 model works in T10 and T12 applications
* No light wasted on reflector
* Typical power reduction of 20% or more
* Light output comparable to popular, similar sized fluorescent tubes
* No electrical work required for installation

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