LED Lights Allow Tiny Island To Become World's First Net Zero Energy 'Nation'

dumpling island photo

The main docks and capitol building-cum-executive residence of Dumpling Island: Google Sightseeing

You can start typing your ‘cut out the misleading headlines’ comments now if you like, but just because no other nation in the world recognizes the three-acre country of Dumpling Island, off the Connecticut/New York coast, doesn’t mean I’m going to knock down island-owner and Segway inventor Dean Kamen’s claims that his private island isn’t part of the United States.

In any case, independent nation or no, Dumpling Island has indeed become a net zero energy (shall we agree on?) locale. How? By replacing all the light fixtures on the island with LED lights:
Coast Guard Cut Off Lighthouse's Electrical Connections
Kamen’s decided to install LEDs when the US Coast Guard cut electrical service to the island’s lighthouse and use solar power instead. (Does that mean the Coast Guard is occupying force? Maybe the lighthouse is like a little Guantanamo? Promise that’s the end of the humor attempts.)

Kamen’s Decreed All Incandescents Be Banned
Kamen’s intends his example on Dumpling Island to show how much energy can be saved through efficient technology. The LED installation includes: All incandescent light sources being replaced with LEDS, reducing lighting energy demand by 70%; a controllable, multi-color LED special effects light array (used to illuminate, among other things a mini Stonehenge on the island); expansion of illumination into basement areas where hot incandescent sources were a fire hazard.

via: LEDs Magazine
Currency In Pi Increments
For more on Dumpling Island, Google Sightseeing has a rather funny entry. Apparently, after Kamen declared Dumpling Island to be an independent nation, he established a currency (for transactions with himself?) with increments being Pi, and established a navy consisting of one amphibious vehicle. The article goes on to say that he also signed a non-aggression pact with former president George H.W. Bush.

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