LED Lighting Has Become Almost Boring, and That's A Good Thing

light canada show photo eurolite

spacewalker by Dark, displayed by Eurolite
all lousy images by Lloyd Alter

We become so jaded and blase´. A few years ago, walking through the Light Canada Show (part of IIDEX and the Green Living Festival in Toronto) I was bug-eyed at all of the wonderful innovation in LED lighting. But in just a few years they have become mainstream and commodified, and I really found the pickings to be slim, mostly just another strip light or street light or ceiling. I know that this is a good thing, and that commodified prices will follow, but it makes for a less interesting show. (although the spacewalker by Dark did make me smile)

light canada show photo contrast

Quebec's Contrast Lighting had some lovely pendant lamps;

light canada show photo  go

Go Lighting's troffer system would have felt at home in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but is also very efficient at 65 lumens per watt. They are also RoHS compliant.

light canada show photo sylvania

My friends at Osram-Sylvania are going to kill me, but I thought the coolest thing in their booth was the integrated iPads.


I thought that the backlit mirrors from LumiDesign (turn off sound before hitting link) were quite elegant, if difficult to photograph.

LED tech continues to improve and gain acceptance; No doubt it will continue to drop in price. It really is a good thing that it doesn't excite like it used to; it is now part of our lives.

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