Leaf LED Lighting by Herman Miller and Yves Behar


Herman Miller has teamed with San Francisco-based uber-designer Yves Béhar to bring the world what they think is the next generation of interior lighting. Leaf is a combination of LED technology, engineering and design; "a fusion of technology with humanity," according to Béhar. Its unusual design allows for direct or ambient light from the same source -- kind of like a bunch of LEDs on a dimmer switch. "Leaf is designed to give the user a spectrum of choices to express light's magical and sensory variations," says Béhar of the light's ability to produce warm-to-cool colors with a simple touch control. Leaf has been developed according to Herman Miller's Design for the Environment protocol, emphasizing sustainable processes, materials and recyclability; overall, Leaf's LEDs consume less than 12 watts of power, carry a lifespan of over 60,000 hours at full power, and cut energy use by 40 percent compared to compact fluorescent lights. Officially unveiling will occur at ICFF next month, and Leaf will be available from Herman Miller retailers and dealers by July. ::aptbroadcast via ::MoCo Loco