Laura Melling's Sustainable Bedroom


Steve Russell/Toronto Star

Fourth year OCAD student Laura Melling's bedroom is rather public- it is on display at OCAD's open house this weekend in Toronto. It is a demonstration of sustainability; according to Alwynne Gwilt of the Star: "As ambient, energy-saving bulbs illuminate your bedroom, you snuggle down into baby-soft soy sheets, silk-screened by hand with beautiful nature designs. Your bed frame, made of a reclaimed wood harvested in an eco-friendly manner, creaks slightly as your cheek brushes organic-cotton pillow cases."

Melling told the Star: "As (environmentalism) becomes more prevalent in our culture, people are trying to find ways to reduce their impact and it really extends into many areas of their life," she says, her voice as soft as the colourful sheets that lay stretched across a worktable in OCAD's textile room. Melling chose the fabric ingredients carefully. Organic cottons aren't grown with the aid of pesticides. Bamboo grows like wildfire, making it a sustainable option, while soybeans, "known as the vegetable cashmere of fibres," do not need pesticides to grow.::The Star

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