Last Incandescent Bulb Slips out of Grand Central Terminal

New York Times

The last of four thousand incandescent bulbs were changed to compact fluorescents at Grand Central Terminal in New York yesterday, which will save an estimated US$ 200,000 per year in electricity charges and reduce the amount of CO2 and mercury released into the atmosphere from coal burning electrical plants.

Passengers immediately started complaining of headaches, pallid skin tones and declared Grand Central a superfund site because of the 8,000 milligrams of mercury in all of the bulbs.Grand-central.jpg
New meets old, from Architects Newspaper

They first started replacing incandescents a few years ago, but waited to do the 96 year old Beaux-Arts chandeliers in the main lobby until they were happy with the quality and durability of the bulbs. More in the New York Times

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