Lamp Made From Jam Jars Wins Design Prize in Sweden

Jar LampJan Lampei, /Promo image

The winners of the Green Furniture Sweden Awards have been announced, and I smiled when I saw the winner in Inhabitat. It is made from recycled jam jars, that clamp on to an adjustable oak structure, designed by industrial designer Jan Lampei. In the press release they describe it in greater detail:

The Green Furniture Award jury: ‘Jar Lamp’ uses recycled jam jars with their lids in a refinedly designed and iconic way. Inspired by an orchid, based on simple repeated elements of massive oiled oak, the designer Jan Lampei has made a hanging lamp full of life and expression. The lamp can be configured in personal shapes and ships folded into a small package – no assembly required, only tightening of a few screws to set the hanging shape.

It is by far the nicest in a long line of mason jar and jam jar lamps that I have seen.

jar lampDesign Sponge/Screen capture

Design Sponge showed how to make your own jam jar/ mason jar chandelier a few years ago;

mason jar lampLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

I have one in our bathroom at home, made by my son's girlfriend and my daughter. It was supposed to be a three jar fixture like Design sponge's but they ran out of time. But Jan Lampei has seriously upgraded the concept Nicely done at the Green Furniture Awards.

Lamp Made From Jam Jars Wins Design Prize in Sweden
The future of recycling never looked so bright.

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