Kwytza Kraft Table Lamp

kwhytsa table lamp.jpg
Aesthetically, this lamp may be a wee bit un-Treehugger, but the idea behind it is spot-on. The whole concept behind Kwytza Kraft is to collect post-use, single-use chopsticks from restaurants in China (ew), thoroughly clean and sanitize them at extremely high temperature and pressure (phew), and use them to make high-quality accents for the living space (whew). The founder of the company is even committed to educating the Chinese about environmental sustainability, where, he estimates, billions of single-use chopsticks are used annually, consuming more than 25 million trees and bamboo plants each year. Btw, "kwytza" means "chopstick" in Chinese. Thanks for the tip Brian B! $48.95 ::Kwytza Kraft [by MO]