Kreidezeit Casein Paints and Much More


Ever read the side of a tin of paint? Like where it says in bold red ink: Safety Advice. Bet it didn't include the words "Not applicable, non-hazardous product. " That's the information provided by Kreidezeit for their line of Casein Full Colour Paints. They go on to say that "Dried residues can be disposed of with normal household litter." Possibly because all you'll find on the ingredients list is "various earth and mineral pigments, chalk, talcum, titanium white, casein, borax." The paints, which come in powdered form, are for application on interior walls and ceilings and are classed as 'wiping-resistant '. The suggestion for a 'washable' version, known as Tempera, is simply to add 30% Safflower oil. And speaking of oils Kreidezeit do these too for timber finishes. In fact, they also offer Linseed Oil Putty, Lime Wall Finish, Carnauba Wax Emulsion and even Citric Acid. I was put onto them by a friend (thanks Grant), whose strawbale house has internal walls graced by their casein (milk based) paints. Although based in Germany, Kreidezeit export to various other locales, including Australia, Japan and Canada. ::Kreidezeit.