Krä "Light Containers" from Chile


Here's a way to put ancient experience working for you. Krä is a brand developed by three Chilean designers who got inspired in the country's nature and ethnic roots and came up with a series of "light-sculpture objects" (which they call "light containers") made 100% from clay, hand shaped by native artisans and cooked in stone ovens. "We work with materials that most of the American ethnic groups used for manufacturing their objects -they claim-. Our work is inspired in our country's aborigines, their nature and materials, and by means of pure and sustainable processes that respect nature and the environment". The line has three shapes: the curved cylinder above is called Alvar, the straight cylinder in the extended is Roxxane, and the curved plaque with a clip that holds the light is called Samanta. Krä, by the way, comes from the name of the Selknam tribe moon goddess denomination (which also symbolized women and the meaning of life). Learn more about this firm at their website (in English). ::Krä