Koskela Furniture


"We no longer use Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) in any of our products and have found plywood alternatives that are made with E1 classification low urea formaldehyde glues. .... currently the most stringent in the world." And for their sofa and chair frames those plywoods are FSC certified. Koskela make a line of upmarket furniture and lighting. They also handle the curious Mongolian goat hair carpet we mentioned previously. Steel unused in the furniture manufacture is salvaged via scrap metal merchants.Wood waste is reused as animal bedding by a local farm. With their own furniture, they provide a limited form of Extender Producer Responsibility (EPR). A tag on each piece includes the phone number of the Salvation Army, a charity who collect and resell secondhand furniture. Koskela report they are "working towards systems where furniture may be disassembled into its different components for recycling." ::Koskela