Kokuyo Reduces Power Consumption by 28%, Introduces "Eco Live Office"

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Kokuyo Co Ltd has been in the news recently thanks to the creative new look for its office in central Tokyo. With a focus on reducing CO2 emissions and lowering power consumption, the stationary maker introduced LEDs, zoning that reduces the need for lamps, and divided the office into several areas. Such efforts have resulted in a 28% reduction in power consumption by the overall office.

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The company also introduced advanced energy monitoring as a way to increase efficiency. The system is aimed at monitoring trends in employees' actions using terminals equipped with infrared and acceleration sensors, and was developed together with Hitachi Ltd's Central Research Laboratory and Hitachi High-Technologies Corp. The innovative system collects data and watches trends to enable a discussion regarding the state of its in-house communications. If that sounds too much like Gattaca to you, how about the massage chairs and even a planetarium in the Relax Cafe, where workers can - you guessed it - relax.

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There is a lot going on here, literally. On the floor, there are panels that generate power when people walk on them. The system is the same as the one developed by Keio University and tested at Tokyo Station earlier this year. Kokuyo expects workers to be able to recharge their cell phones using the power generated in this way.

My favourite is the rooftop Garden. It seems like a fantastic work space, complete with solar panels, wireless network - and warm blankets.

"Workers can work more efficiently in a natural environment. I hope it will lead to changes in employees' mentality," Kokuyo President Akihiro Kuroda said to Mainichi.

For a huge stationary maker, paper is a major product, and Kokuyo promotes a campaign called "More Trees" as part of its Ecology Heart drive, with musician Sakamoto Ryuichi onboard for guidance and criticism.

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