Completely Knitted Hotel Room Keeps You Cozy at Brighton, England's Hotel Pelirocco

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We know that knitting is fashionable now but this is ridiculous. If you are travelling to Brighton in the UK, you can stay in a totally knitted hotel room.

It's a little eccentric, but colourful. It's called the "Do Knit Disturb" room, and if you care to book at the totally cool Hotel Pelirocco, you are in for a treat.

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Created by knitting supremo Kate Jenkins, it comes with a fully kitted, oops knitted, lamp, curtains and toothpaste and toothbrush, not to mention the more traditional knitted bedspread.

The other rooms in the hotel are for the more daring -- its website calls it "Brighton's sauciest stop-over" -- and you can opt for the Soul Supreme, Dollywould, or Cloud Cuckooland. But back to knitting...

knitted hotel roomhotel pelirocco/Promo image

Kate Jenkins has been featured in TreeHugger before for her wonderful knitted food. She can whip up a tin or sardines, a full English breakfast or a box of tea bags.

Jenkins studied fashion and textiles at university, worked as a designer in the fashion industry and then opened her own shop in Brighton. Jenkins has been knitting and crocheting since she was 15; each piece takes her about two and a half weeks to create. She calls it "drawing with yarn" because she does it direct, without any sketches.

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