Knú: Inanimate Motion in Crisp Sustainable Form


The child of the Industrial Woodworking Corporation (who make some excellent sustainable office, home office & health care-environment furniture of their own), Knú is a soon-to-be-launched online-only company committed to creating sustainable, modern, contemporary home and office furniture for retail sale. While the official launch isn't until September 2007, you can still check out their website to see what they've got up their sleeves; if you like what you see (and we do), you can preorder whatever catches your eye with a 10% discount on the sale price and 50% discount on shipping. "Knú Desk #4" (pictured above) might be our favorite; not only is it made with FSC-certified wood veneers, zero-VOC water-borne PVA adhesives and 40% recycled/100% recyclable steel (as are all of their pieces), it might be the first desk we've ever seen that looks like it might take flight if you don't hold it down. Hit the jump for more pics of their work, including a dining set, bookcase and more desks, and check out their website for more on their environmental commitment (they're also a 100% carbon-neutral company) and read their blog for more on their company and products. ::Knú and ::Industrial Woodworking Corporation via ::2modern Design TalkKnu-Dining1-Large.jpg
Knú Dining Table #1
Knú Bookcase
Knú Desk #2
Knú Desk #3


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