Kidney Shaped Desk by John Wiggers

kidneydesk.jpgAs we've noted before, John Wiggers makes some very interesting, exotic furniture from unusual woods and highly-figured inlays. His furniture is deeply spiritual and philosophical, informed by his many travels around the globe and interactions with various aboriginal people. Wiggers has long been a proponent of healthy forests, and has been involved with the Forest Stewarship Council (FSC) on many levels, including Treasurer and Chair on the Board at FSC Canada. This commitment to responsibility, combined with his spiritual connection to his work, has led to his varied, holistic approach and his furniture's unique aesthetic. Take the Kidney Shaped Desk, for example. The intricate details, curvilinear shape and exacting dimensions of the desk are carefully proportioned to be consistent with the holistic design principles of Feng Shui and the Vastu Shastra of the ancient Vedic tradition in India. The desk is the winner of the 2005 Adex Platinum Award for design excellence, and is available for sale at Vivavi. Each one comes signed, dated and numbered by John Wiggers. ::Wiggers Furniture

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