Kangaroo Desk Unit Moves Between Sitting and Standing

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One may deride the power of the mainstream media or pretend to ignore those papers that put up paywalls, but when the New York Times carries an article about standing vs sitting, suddenly standing desk stories are everywhere. One problem a lot of people have with standing desks is the fact that people already have desks, or that they want to move between standing and sitting. (Sometimes in the afternoon I admit to pulling out my old steel drafting stool). The Red Ferret points to an interesting solution: the Kangaroo Adjustable Height Desk. It appears to be a relatively economical method of getting the best of both worlds.

I have shown other systems that sit on top of desks, (and BoingBoing shows an interesting hack here) but most of these are simply boxes that sit on top, and do not move in between sitting and standing. The Kangaroo does, appearing to move easily between the two, although I cannot figure out the logic of having the monitor move separately from the table. Notwithstanding all of the Kangaroo and Wallaby references, it is American made and starts at $359. Like all of us who convert to standing desks, they make grand claims for it:

Customers have claimed that using "The Kangaroo" has changed their lives, giving them renewed energy while working and improving their overall work experience. We have other customers who use "The Kangaroo" simply because it is good for you. Just think, improve your overall fitness level and strengthen your core all while you are working. No gym membership required !!!

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Meanwhile, Unplggd shows a wild construction out of what look like IKEA sawhorses, and another with storage underneath. BoingBoing also shows a whole gang working at one desk.
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