Just What We Needed Dept.: The Pyjamas Warming Pouch

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The Unclutterer often shows us unitaskers, strange device that serve only one function and take up space in our drawers. I have a particular fondness for wattwasters, which are unitaskers that do one thing, take up space in our drawers, and waste electricity in the process. Few have reached the standard set here by the pyjama warming pouch.

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According to Hammacher Schlemmer, an entire store devoted to Wattwasters:

The pouch has integrated heating elements that reach 118º F and a thermal satin interior that retains heat, resulting in toasty warm pyjamas in 10 minutes. The heating elements automatically maintain the temperature regardless of what's inside and the unit only draws 50 watts--less than most light bulbs.

Our source at the Red Ferret says " There are worse ways to spend $40 than this." I am not so sure. Now it is true that it is only used for a few minutes per night, so it really doesn't waste that much electricity. And I suppose an environmental case could be made for saving energy by keeping your room really cold and pre-warming your clothes. (see Kris De Decker in Insulating Your Body Is Cheaper And More Effective Than Insulating Your Home) but I can think of better ways of getting warm in bed.

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