Jerry Kott Presents RE Glassware

Jerry Kott prefers to be referred to as a "maker," rather than simply an artist, craftsperson or designer, and his work showcases how he accomplishes all three at once. Rebuild, redefine, relive, reinvent and recycle are all keywords in his RE Series, made of simple, colorful, decorative glassware. He starts with empty wine bottles that he cuts apart, frosts and/or paints, and reassembles into various shapes and sizes, serving simultaneously artistic and functional purposes. The decorative bottles can be used as candleholders and vases to hold some of Jerry's own glass flowers; the bottles aren't meant to hold liquid again once they're put back together, so real flowers aren't advised. The process Kott uses is very hands-on, making each bottle quite unique, and they are made to order once commissioned through his website. Kott has been a "maker" for over 30 years, and has shown other series of his work all over the world, from Paris to New York to Tokyo. ::Jerry Kott