Jar Lamps By James Shaw Light Up the Ordinary

Images: James Shaw

As you may have guessed already, here on TreeHugger we are big fans of both cutting-edge on one hand, and a range of clever reuse ideas for everyday items on the other. Coming from the virtue of reuse, UK designer James Shaw's simple but elegant Jar Lamps fit the bill quite nicely. Infusing these nondescript objects with new utilitarian life, Shaw also gives the jars a modern DIY aesthetic twist - coming up with a whole collection of them in fact (more images after the jump). With so many possibilities of form and material potentially available in ordinary objects, perhaps this may spur some readers out there to stick a lamp in something unexpected?


Like other quirky lamp concepts we've previously featured on TH (like this pasta lamp and this lamp powered by algae, water and breath), Shaw's Jar Lamps are deceptively simple in their "what-you-see-is-not-just-what-you-get" detournement of what is expected out of jar: the glass is sandblasted and the lids are drilled to accommodate regular light fittings. They can either be hung or freestanding - a really nice alternative touch to mass-produced light fixtures.



James Shaw via 3rings
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