It Slices, It Dices: Series X Furniture -- Sustainable Materials Creating Transformer Furniture


TreeHugger likes multi-functional, transforming furniture for its versatility and resulting reduction in the amount of stuff we need; we also like seeing responsibly-sourced sustainable materials put to good use in sleek, modern designs. When the two combine...well, let's just say we get a little excited. Such is the case with Series X, a collection of ultra-versatile, super-sustainable furniture by Graeme Massie Architects for Outgang. Each product has a continuous loop form in a unique profile, which enables it to be rotated into different positions offering maximum functionality -- upright, recliner and perching stool, coffee table, side table and foot stool, all matching each other's heights and uses.Manufactured by laminating birch-faced plywood sections of FSC-certified hardwoods and finished with a clear, water-based lacquer, the products are available in single and double seating sizes in solid timber, fully weather-proofed and well-suited for both inside or outside uses; if they're used out on your patio or deck, it's recommended that the products should be waxed each year, before winter chases you inside (though it's probably best if they aren't left to soak up whatever weather winter brings you). We love the concept, love the design, love the materials; each piece is available for sale starting at £399, so you'll have to save your pennies. With the utility and sustainability of this furniture, though, it just might be worth it. More pics below. ::Series X at Within 4 Walls via ::PadStyle