Is it real or is it rendering? Who cares, it's gorgeous

interior dining room
© Denis Svirid

LifeEdited shows a stunning little apartment in Odessa, by designer Denis Svirid. I am particularly entranced by this image showing a little office beside a beautiful storage stair, with bookshelves above. Absolutely lovely.

But when I look closely at the folds on the bedding, the shadows in the bathrooms, I am just not sure whether it is real or just some of the best photorealistic architectural rendering I have ever seen.

Then when you scroll down through his website, there are dozens of different interiors, all so perfect, all devoid of people, and the more you look the less real they feel. Yet there are plans, and the google translation of the written material implies that its real, calling it a "Reconstruction of residential building and superstructure with the release of the attic floor" It's all really nicely designed and full of good ideas, and impressive either way. But is it live or Memorex?

Is it real or is it rendering? Who cares, it's gorgeous
Tiny perfect apartment designed by Denis Svirid seems almost too good to be true.

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