Interface's Newest Design: Button Rugs


TreeHugger loves Interface Flor. A lot. We started posting about them back when TreeHugger was just a sprout, and they just keep coming up with new designs and innovative ideas that we think are pretty noteworthy. Their newest idea takes them out of the boxy confines of the square; Button is Flor's first foray into the wonderful world of curves. Each circle is four separate tile pieces (think pizza), and the circles are available in green, brown and blue colorways. Curiously, the diameter of each circle is approximately 39 inches, which, at 19.5 inches per side, leaves each quarter just a little short of the traditional squares, whose sides measure 19.7 inches. It might just be a shortcoming in their marketing, meaning they do actually match, but there aren't any square-circle combos in the catalog. A bit of a head-scratcher, though the circles are pretty slick by themselves. ::FLOR Button Rugs via ::Apartment Therapy