Interface Carpet Tiles

Modular carpet. Brilliant! Install it by sticking it to the floor. Remove to clean in the sink, to move apartments or to replace. This solves 2 typical carpet problems: 1) stain one part/get uneven wear and you have to replace the whole darn thing 2) if you rent, you lose the investment when you move. Plus, this whole company is seriously driven to minimize their environmental impact so it's all recyclable or compostable. $4+/ft, the price is right. More at ::Apartment Therapy :: InterfaceI suggest darker colors as a generally better environmental and cost effective approach to selecting textiles. I am slowly learning this with my clothing. You would think that with 34 years of practice, I could nail the fork to mouth procedure....

From a quick scan, the sisals looked good (actual sisal from Brazil), the burlwood, the passage way black, the solid ground black and the next in line sage grey.

Please post your comments re. any experience with this stuff and recommendations.