Inspiring Woman & Her 27 Adopted Children Get Awesome Home Makeover with Recycled Materials

Dona Eunice home before the makeover Photo© Rosenbaum

Dona Eunice home after the makeover Photo© Rosenbaum

There are amazing people in this world who deserve great things happening to them.

Dona Eunice is one: a 61-year-old woman from Nova Iguaçu, in the Brazilian State of Rio de Janeiro, she used to live in a favela until fear moved her and her husband to the outskirts of the city, where they began taking care of children and single mothers.

At first they took moms and their kids, and others whose parents were working. When some people left the little ones and never came back, she and her husband began taking them under their wings.

Re-made kids' room at Dona Eunice home Photo© Rosenbaum

They adopted nine and took under custody another 18, while also letting boys and girls whose parents work all day spend time and have a meal there. At one point, they fed and looked after 200 children, but had to reduce the number for financial reasons. They now get around 60 kids a day, while 27 live with them.

Not stopping at that, Dona Eunice created a sewing cooperative on the top floor of her home, which offers opportunity for the unemployed mothers of some of the kids that spend time with them.

Sewing cooperative room before the makeover Photo© Rosenbaum

Sewing cooperative room after the makeover, with recovered plastic crates Photo© Rosenbaum

Are you ready for this? Dona Eunice lives with an income of 540 Reais (about 310 US dollars), and the help of some partners. She only went to school until fifth grade.

This incredible person was chosen to get a series of aids by Brazilian TV show Caldeirão: a full home makeover, a car refurbish, some entrepreneur assistance for the cooperative, and branding plus a website for her project (where one can find more details and ways to get involved and donate:, in Portuguese).

Recovered plastic crates and advertising banners were used in the decoration Photo© Rosenbaum

A general view of the sewing cooperative room decorated with plastic crates Photo© Rosenbaum

Design studio Rosenbaum (of vertical garden with PET bottles fame) was in charge of the home makeover, where they used recycled materials like PET bottles and plastic crates (from a partnership with Coca Cola, it seems).

Hopefully all this will move Dona Eunice to do even more amazing things, and hopefully her story will inspire some of us to do even a tiny part of the good she’s doing. More pics of the whole house at Rosenbaum's website.

Entry to the sewing cooperative, with a PET bottles vertical garden Photo© Rosenbaum

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