Inspired TreeHugger reader builds stair out of milk crates

milk crate stair© Reader Rob

Last summer we showed a stair made from milk crates by Danish architects Lendager Arkitecter. Notwithstanding the fact that I had some problems with it, it inspired reader Rob to build his own.

Stair made from milk crates going to loft© Reader Rob

Rob writes:

About a month ago I read your article, "Stairway Made From Milk Crates: Hit or Miss?"
I thought it was a fantastic idea so I built my own in my Detroit loft. I changed the design to accommodate my living space. I am 6'1", 210lbs, my girlfriend is 5'5", 105lbs and the stairs are comfortable and stable for both of us.

Here's the original inspiration. It's too bad that Rob's American milk crates are not a brighter color.

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